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Dr. John Roland focuses on making individual cells healthy

About Dr. John Roland, MD

John R. Roland, M.D. trained in Biochemistry, then pursued his doctorate through the University of Texas where he pursued interest in Neuroscience and Neurosurgery. He continued his postgraduate work at Duke, and he trained in Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine. He obtained additional boards in Sports Medicine. The Neuroscience background enabled him to help develop TPA for stroke protocols for hospitals and helped several hospitals gain accreditations. His administrative success led him to numerous medical directorships at a number of hospitals. He became an Area Medical Director for the largest freestanding ER in the country.

But despite success in a number of areas in his medical and personal realms, he felt there was always something missing. He knew the treatments being delivered were treating only part of the problems that patients were experiencing. He began to reflect on how obesity is linked to so many diseases, but the approaches to treating obesity seemed to miss the mark. He began to recognize patterns of disease and lifestyle in his patients that continued to be unaddressed. He saw how fractured health care has become. He began searching for the underlying cause of disease. He found other doctors who were also becoming interested in the same method. He became aware that physicians were generally good at one thing: prescribing medication. The unhealthy lifestyles and the habits remained unaddressed, causing people to only get worse over time.

What was missing was that doctors weren’t addressing the true causes of disease. Understanding biochemistry, the first rung of his medical training, was the key. The most important elements to health are those things that make individual cells healthy. The cell has the requirement to oxygenate, respirate, absorb nutrients, dispose of waste, rebuild, repair and communicate with other cells in the body to effect total health. This dynamic occurs on the microscopic scale, as well as the macroscopic scale in the body. He learned about the cell’s’ ability to remodel, rebuild and repair. Stem cells throughout your body have the ability to renew. Sustaining that repair and renewal relies on the rest of the approach.

Our Treatment Approach

The Answer To Sickness Is Much Broader Than Medications Address

A pattern is emerging. We are not sick because we are deficient of some chemical that the pharmaceutical company has made. The answer to sickness is so much broader than medications address. The answer lies in proper nutrition, exercise, healthy lifestyles, healthy ways of interacting with each other, proper sleep, psychological response to stress, recovery, and detoxification of those insults to health that come our way.

This new complete medicine has several names: Stem Cell Medicine, Functional Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, and Integrative Medicine. Total health means alignment not just with yourself, your diet, your exercise, and your sleep, but also your relationship with your loved ones, your work, your lifestyle, your colleagues, nature, the world and the universe beyond. There are spiritual aspects as well. It is extremely important to be aligned with your divine purpose. It all ties together, or rather it can all tie in together. Dr. Roland knew that from the beginning–or rather had to re-remember that from the beginning.

Dr. Roland can help you with this exciting new approach to health. He is a certified Stem Cell Researcher. He is an active practitioner of Functional Medicine. He is aligned with other like-minded practitioners of a variety of associated fields that can help and assist in this new holistic approach to medicine.

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